Total rebuild of

OMG! This looks awesome!?

I decided to remake the entire website here using Laravel and Voyager.


The decision was easy, since the CMS (Content Management System) that I used on this blog before, Canvas, has stopped development for about one year ago. This became a problem since I wanted to update to the latest Laravel version and keep myself up to date to ensure performance and security.

What I did then

So I went ahead and rebuild the entire blog using Laravel and Voyager. Since I am a maintainer of Voyager, I though it would be a good decision to use it on more projects in order to promise further development on the package from my side, which I of cause will do since I am using it on most of my websites now.

So what now?

Now I will continue to build up more features on this site and commit to the development of Laravel Voyager. Besides that I will spend a lot more time writing blog posts on here, I hope to be as good as having at least one blog post a week (fingers crossed).


As a side note, then I rebranded the entire site with a new logo instead of the old weird looking one, I really do hope that you like it.

Mark Topper Diderichsen

Strong minded, full-stack web developer with passion for performance and scalability and with a flair for building elegant solutions for advanced platforms. Available for freelancing and consultancy at Ulties Company.

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