I’m Mark Topper

CEO & Backend Developer at Ulties Company

Strong minded, full-stack web developer with passion for performance and scalability and with a flair for building elegant solutions for advanced platforms.

Helped building the online supermarket’s entire solution for shared economy between its users and its shoppers called ViGo.

Worked as lead backend developer at Novasa Interactive ApS since Marts 2014 and had my own company on the side since Febuary 2017.

My philoshopy

I bealive that development is easy & anyone can develop a application for their needs if they really want to, however, it might take them multiple hours to do what a professional like myself can do in just half an hour.

The only thing that is different is that a professional developer already know all the tools and packages to use for the specific cases, then they also have some of the code like melted into the memory, which makes it way faster as well.

What I am trying to say is that if anyone can't do it, then it's not made simple enough by the community. I managed to learn mostly everything that I know now by looking through the community documentations and forums for answers to my problem, but I managed to learn that and build application before I even started a education.

I know that it's called self-learning and requires a certain self-diciplin, but instead of diciplin I personal believe that everything should just be made easier so that newbies doesn't have to spent hours on research.

I spent much of my free time contributing to open source projects, building up a better community and give free advises to people that were just like myself back then.

If you read this and think “Hej! I could use some advise.” then don't be afraid and hit me up, I have for many years been helping people and has even been a assistant teacher at Roskilde Tekniske Skole helping the students with any issues they might have had.


  1. 01


    Since I was just a small kid I have worked with PHP. Therefor I don't use time searching for a solution, most of the PHP documentation has been melted into my backbone.

  2. 02


    There are no reasons to reinvent the weels, therefor I always use the Laravel PHP framework, unless told otherwise. I have worked with it since v4.2 and maintain the most popular admin package for the framework.

  3. 03


    I love building relational databases with complex architecture in MySQL, ensuring all data is correct formated, encoded, and cascaded makes maintaining a complex application much easier.

  4. 04


    Whats better than having a application running tousands of users - having it scale to millions. Therefor I spent much time building achitecture that can scale with the business.

  5. 05


    I started being interested in development from back when I was just a kid, started by joining the dark side that steals your cookie and collects your data. I know my fair part about application security.